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Topic: investigations & data analysis

Topic Posted by: Diane Lonergan ( )
Organization: Bedford School District
Date Posted: Mon Nov 9 21:25:22 US/Eastern 1998
Topic Description: We have two internet projects in which New Hampshire students collect data about natural phenomena and then share that data via e-mail with the other participants. Once the data are distributed via listserv, the students analyze the data and share their analysis. One of the projects, Batnet, has involved as many as 19 teachers (some with multiple sections) at a time. Students from grades 2 through 8 participate, answering the question of whether there are bats in New Hampshire in September. The second project is Birdnet, involving a winter bird count of native species. It's a great opportunity for fourth graders studying our state to discover the native species and to see what habitats support which species. We're always looking for new people to join us in these projects - in and out of New Hampshire.

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investigations and data analysis Diane Lonergan Tue Nov 10 16:10:28 US/Eastern 1998



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