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Topic: Math in Games

Topic Posted by: Rebecca Corwin ( )
Date Posted: Wed Mar 8 18:39:31 US/Eastern 2000
Topic Description: Finding the math in children's games is sometimes a difficult task. Let's talk about some of the games you listed during the second show!!!

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Original Message:

Posted by: Mary LeFever ( )
Organization:Upper Township Primary School
Date posted: Wed Apr 26 7:00:58 US/Eastern 2000
Subject: Math Games
I teach second grade. I would like to include a Math game workshop with parents involved. I also feel it will be a good topic for a back to school night in September when the parents are freshly motivated after the summer. I would welcome any suggestions.


Subject: math games
Reply Posted by: karen ( )
Date Posted: Thu Aug 24 10:01:08 2006
what about family math? - making math equations from objects and family members.

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