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Topic: Math in Games

Topic Posted by: Rebecca Corwin ( )
Date Posted: Wed Mar 8 18:39:31 US/Eastern 2000
Topic Description: Finding the math in children's games is sometimes a difficult task. Let's talk about some of the games you listed during the second show!!!

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Original Message:

Posted by: Karen Kinyon ( )
Date posted: Mon Apr 3 22:08:21 US/Eastern 2000
Subject: math in games
After thinking about the math in games, I decided to plan a Family Math Night around games that the children are familiar with. A note was sent home for families to list games that they thought had math in them and a willingness to bring the game(s) Math Night....planned for end of April. That night there will be signs such as time, money, patterns, numbers etc. up around our gym with families cued ahead of time as to where to place their game for sharing. It is my hope to tie the home connection of math to what is done at school.


Subject: Math Games
Reply Posted by: Rebecca Corwin ( )
Organization: Lesley College
Date Posted: Wed Apr 5 21:15:25 US/Eastern 2000
What a spectacular idea to have. I will be eager to hear about the outcome, and how your parent group responds to the challenges that analyzing these games will entail! Please share the outcome with us here; and a list of the games with some of the parents' comments would be wonderful. Have your children talked with you about the games their parents are bringing in to school? I want to know what happens.

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