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Topic Posted by: Melissa Cheung
Date Posted: Mon Feb 15 5:09:36 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: Do you have a question or comment that doesn't fit in any of the above categories? Discuss topics about the LOOKING AT LEARNING ... AGAIN workshops and activities.

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Posted by: Anna Marie E. Forte' (jjf@ix.netcom.com )
Organization:School District of Philadelphia
Date posted: Sat May 1 18:11:09 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: The reality of the technology workshop
I love the workshop on technology but the reality is quite diiferent. We have enough trouble trying to purchase the basics let alone tiny computers. My students don't know how to turn a computer on, so I think writing a short program is out. Does anyone have a suggestions?


Subject: On-line activity (or...It must be raining!)
Reply Posted by: Carol LeCrone
Date Posted: Mon Apr 5 21:02:09 US/Eastern 1999
Bob, Have you participated in other on-line interactive projects? My experience with other projects has been similar to this one- most people seem uninterested in sharing their own points of view to such a huge audience? Or, sometimes I think it is varying learning styles- others are not as collaborative or interested in seeking ideas to compare to their own. An interesting prospect in light of the topics of this workshop! Quite a few participants at our site admit they have not signed onto the listserv and do not check this website. We discuss the issues briefly in our small group, but I'm with you- I like hearing from people from a variety of situations. Any idea as to how to encourage this aspect of the class? Are you on the listserv?

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