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Topic: Moon Observations

Topic Posted by: Melissa Cheung
Date Posted: Mon Feb 15 5:09:06 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: Has keeping a Moon Journal helped you umderstand the Moon's behavior or has it made it seem more puzzling? Here's a chance for you to pose questions and share insights about your moon observations.

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Posted by: Ina Mogensen ([email protected] )
Organization:K-5 Science/Math Center
Date posted: Tue May 1 17:47:40 2001
Subject: Moon Journal - Challenges/Delights
Keeping a journal, log, or notebook over time requires a lot of discipline for a naturally random person like me. Once I finally started, though, a wondrous thing happened. After the first observation, which included establishing a skyline, determining point-of-view, and making my first entry, I found myself thinking about the moon during the next day. I wondered where it would be that night in relation to the first night's position. And I was pleasantly surprised at what I had already learned -- I could predict about where the moon would be; I knew for sure where "west" was in relation to my home and my viewing position; and I found myself smiling all the way home from work, anticipating with delight the arrival of my 'viewing time'. I think I am learning more than just about the moon. I'm learning about the value of consistency, that focus on one content area doesn't exclude other learning, and I'm experiencing...again the delight that comes from finding out things for myself. What else will I learn tonight? And what will I think and wonder about that never occured to me to even question before?

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Subject: moon journal
Reply Posted by: Scott Berg
Organization: ccsd
Date Posted: Thu May 17 18:37:05 2001
I have also found the moon journal to be very interesting, and was very interested to find how quickly to moon goes from full to cresent, ect. The changing positions and time rise were also fascinating.

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