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Topic: Teaching and Learning

Topic Posted by: Melissa Cheung
Date Posted: Mon Feb 15 5:01:23 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: What are your beliefs about how people learn? How does your teaching style and school system work to accommodate how people learn?

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Posted by: M. Eveler, L. Sammon, D. Pritchard ([email protected] )
Organization:Kirkwood School District
Date posted: Tue Mar 2 18:48:03 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: Response Number One
During the discussion break after the "dark room" clip, we discussed our beliefs about how children learn. Children often hold onto their own ideas about various concepts, even when supporting evidence and first-hand experiences are to the contrary. In the "dark room" clip, this occurred due to a gap in their experiences i.e. that a dark room was the same as a totally blacked-out room. We believe this is when a teacher should step in and provide the information through a combination of direct instruction and activities that provide the basis for concept development. In our school system, teachers are encouraged to learn about all teaching strategies and learning styles that will meet individual students' needs. There is a district-wide emphasis on individualizing instruction. In our building, teachers are given autonomy in their classrooms. Creativity in teaching is valued. A strong parent voice exists in our school. Many parents evaluate our program based on how they were taught. Many times, this is a traditional perspective. While we encourage parent volunteers, provide opportunities for informal and formal conferences, and provide information during curriculum nights, does anyone have other suggestions for bridging the gap between parents' expectations of how classrooms should look and what we know about how children learn? Maureen Eveler Damian Pritchard Laura Sammon Second Grade Teachers P.S. We will be responding as a team. If that's a problem, let us know.


Subject: How to communicate with parents in a non traditional setting
Reply Posted by: Bob ([email protected] )
Date Posted: Mon Apr 5 20:02:18 US/Eastern 1999
Is the parents concern with evalution. I have had parents concerned with how a grade was derived and have moved more to rubrics that at least set down some guidelines for the grade. What grade level is this? Or is this a question of "is learning taking place?" My county is still peddling the "Quality" concept only now they have changed the name to SAM ( student achievement model ). Some of it can be implemented but it needs training, support, and time. Is this your problem?

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