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Topic Posted by: Melissa Cheung
Date Posted: Mon Feb 15 5:10:45 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: What are your beliefs about how people learn? How does your teaching style and school system work to accommodate how people learn?

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Posted by: Amy (missclemens@yahoo.com )
Organization:Proctor School
Date posted: Thu Feb 14 18:05:34 2002
Subject: How do children learn?
As I look more closely at student's learning I am amazed to see that setting challenges really gets students to think more critically and stretch their understanding. I am presently taking a course on Differentiated Learning as well as this course and they are really working well together. By generating more inquiry based questions for my students I find them eager to stretch in ways I never imagined. I have also found that the students I never expected to be motivated to think about concepts more critically are eager to do so. One question still remains. How do I appropriately assess students understanding of concepts when my instruction is more inquiry based?

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