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Topic: Professional Development

Topic Posted by: Melissa Cheung
Date Posted: Mon Feb 15 5:10:45 US/Eastern 1999
Topic Description: What are your beliefs about how people learn? How does your teaching style and school system work to accommodate how people learn?

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Posted by: Bob Gowing (Bob.Gowing@uts.edu.au )
Organization:University of Technology, Sydney
Date posted: Tue Sep 7 0:18:47 US/Eastern 1999
Subject: Problem-Based Methodology
Hello I visited this website after following Eleanor Duckworth's record of achievements. I first read her book some ten years ago and her ideas on learning have had a profound impact on my thinking. I have told hundreds of students about engaging in phenomena and explaining the sense etc. I am researching Problem-Based Methodology (Robinson, 1993) as an EdD student, and am synthesising Argyris & Schon, Duckworth, Brookfield, Bohm and others, in developing the concept of using learning conversations to engage in professional development. I wonder how long it will take to receive a reply?

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