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Topic: Designing New Experiments

Topic Posted by: Ingid N. Allardi
Organization: Potter Road Elementary School
Date Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:18:34 US/Eastern 1998
Topic Description: How to alter the bean experiment to meet the needs/interests of your own students.

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beginning a bean bag experiment lynn jefferys Thu Nov 1 0:33:10 2001
bean experiment
Lynn Sun Dec 2 20:12:02 2001
New Bean Bag Experiments Ingrid N. Allardi Wed Oct 28 10:29:32 US/Eastern 1998
Student-Designed & Built Water Filters
Kathy WoodardThu Nov 5 12:59:22 US/Eastern 1998
Reply to Kathy Woodard
Ingrid AllardiThu Nov 5 19:14:55 US/Eastern 1998
Bean Bag Conversation-Water Filters, Etc.
Kathy WoodardFri Nov 6 9:03:39 US/Eastern 1998
Response to K. Woodard
Ingrid N. AllardiMon Nov 9 12:39:38 US/Eastern 1998

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