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EventHabitat Project
Date of Sighting02/02/99
CommentsWith a woods and creek behind our house, and the Green & Ohio rivers nearby, we see an abundance & variety of wildlife in our backyard. With a variety of feeders & birdhouses, small rock garden, fish pond with fountain, butterfly garden, birdbath, pine trees & fruit trees, honeysuckle, azaleas & rhododendrons, purple coneflower, liatris, lilac, holly & wisteria, tulips, other wildflowers, etc. We also make our own suet cakes which the woodpeckers, wrens & nutchatches love. Squirrels, doves and other birds devour cracked corn & nuts off the ground. Black walnut, oak, hickory, redbud, tulip poplar, & maple trees border the creek. Nectar feeders for the hummingbirds grace our front porch & back window, with an oriole feeder in a tree near the creek.
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Observer's First NameMarcia
Observer's Last NameFord
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