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EventRobin (First SEEN)
Date of Sighting05/15/13
CommentsAde' Journey North Students!
We are happy to tell you that our Gonandadoy (American Robins) are finally here!

Like everywhere else in North America, we are having a very late spring. Our rivers and lakes are still locked in ice and snow. Spring thaw is happening, though, as the daytime temps reach 45*-50*. Many of our creeks and sloughs have finally started to melt and run. Nights are still very cold. This morning as I walked to school on the frozen roads, temps were at 17*.

Hearing our first Robins of the spring can be tricky. Pine Grosbeaks have a similar lilting song. A territorial Robin, however is very distinctive and that's what I heard loud and clear this morning. "I am here now! I own this area!" I heard several voices, actually from different areas around our village. Our school is higher on a little hill and standing on the front steps you can hear them clearly from different locations.

According to our local averaged data, they are over 2 weeks overdue! We are happy to have them back. Now, more melting, please!

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Observer's First NameJoyanne
Observer's Last NameHamilton
Teacher's First NameJoyanne
Teacher's Last NameHamilton
SchoolInnoko River School

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