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EventMonarch Fall Roost
Date of Sighting09/03/11
CommentsSeptember 3: 1,000 monarchs
My grandson was out swinging in my backyard about dusk. He hollered, "Nana, there are lots of butterflies!" I went out and my gaze followed several flying around and landing in my tree limbs overhead. We watched for about an hour until it was almost dark. I counted six different roosts in my trees, most with several hundred. As I looked at the pictures and counted butterflies, I realize there were probably 1,000 monarchs in total.

September 5: 50 monarchs
Two days after the six large roosts I had in my backyard, I was still seeing more Monarchs in my backyard. As I looked a little closer, I could see a couple different very small roosts of only a dozen or so butterflies on each branch, but there were 25-50 flying around trying to find a place to land.

Photos taken September 3, 2011:

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Observer's First NameJerri
Observer's Last NameHaussler
Teacher's First NameJerri
Teacher's Last NameHaussler
Duration01 hours 00 minutes

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