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EventTulips PLANTED
Date of Sighting01/05/09
CommentsThis year the weather here in Alexandria, VA has been very unusual. It rarely freezes, and when it does, it is for only a breif period. Not more than a day or two. Globabl Warming??? It has also rained a great deal. Everything is looking rather green and lush, kind of like Vancouver, Britsh Columbia in March. There have been a few snow flueries, emphasis on few. For this reason, I think our tulips are emerging approx. 1/8th" or less. Just the tips are showing. We will cover them with mulch to protect them in case a freeze hits.
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Observer's First NameLila
Observer's Last NameRoss
Teacher's First NameLila
Teacher's Last NameRoss
Schoolthe Aquinas Montessori School

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