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EventRobin op
Date of Sighting01/01/14

Pam Randles, Haines High School, reports: "We have had alternating rain and snow this winter, so that means there is a lot of ice on the ground making walking and driving difficult. In fact, three times outdoor recess was cancelled because the playground was glare ice and students were getting injured. But it has been a great year for ice skating! Our winter has been cloudy and windy as well which has made it quite cold. We have seen overwintering robins this year. We don't have robins staying every year, but we do see them every two or three years. They feed on the berries that a still on the bushes. We also have a bird mystery this year. Usually we have Stellar's Jays everywhere, but this year jays have not been seen in the northern end of our valley. The winter has been so weird. Robins have arrived as early as the first week of March and as late as the end of April. I would guess they would show up earlier rather than later this year, and it has been warm enough recently, but we still have some snow. "

When do YOU think I'll see my first robin?
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Observer's First NamePam
Observer's Last NameRandles
Teacher's First NamePam
Teacher's Last NameRandles
SchoolHaines High School

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