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EventRobin op
Date of Sighting01/01/14

Steve Paulson, Lewistown Junior High School, reports: "Hello from Beautiful Central Montana! Lewistown Junior High is located in the geographic center of Montana. We are surrounded by 7 different "island" mountain ranges and at an elevation of 4100 feet above sea level. We have a very unique weather pattern in Lewistown. As storms move across the state, the surrounding mountains and Lewistown receive heavy precipitation in the form of rain or snow. Winter stays around longer in the spring also. If you don't like the Weather in Montana, wait five minutes. Bitter Cold last weekend (Feb. 8-9) with temps below 0 and Chill Factors in the -30s. Monday it warms a little, by Wednesday temps reached 46 above, then a West Coast Front moved through and cold, blowing snow and poor visibility. Today (Feb.14) my students participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. My 2nd period class went out at 9 and it was 25 and calm winds. By this afternoon temps climbed up to 39 degrees but the 21 mph winds made it fell like 25. We counted 16 species of birds, 84 total birds. The kids loved the day. We do not see our first Robin until March 15. If the weather stays cold it will be near the end of March. We have ever seen Robins on Feb. 15 but it was a very mild winter. That is not going to happen this year. We hear them singing about the same time, March 15

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Looking southeast out my classroom window .

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Observer's First NameSteve
Observer's Last NamePaulson
Teacher's First NameSteve
Teacher's Last NamePaulson
SchoolLewistown Junior High

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