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EventRobin op
Date of Sighting01/01/14

Joyanne Hamilton and the students of Innoko River School report:

March 6, 2014
Ade’! GONANDADOY REPORT from the Innoko River School, Shageluk, Alaska! Temps today: 8* F. Temps last week: 40* F. As you probably have heard over and over again, the Polar Vortex has created unseasonably warm temperatures in Alaska. Those reports are true! We have had a very warm winter, not much snow, and some rain storms with RAINBOWS. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself! As of this writing, we are enjoying the increase in daylight. Who doesn’t love more daylight unless you’re a nocturnal animal. That’s a good question. I wonder how our nocturnal animal life likes the increase in sunlight? Well, Robins like their sunlight, that I know. As of this writing, however, we have no American Robins. We DO however, have a very early migrant to our village: a Snow Bunting arrived at our feeders February 14 and remains here at this time. He/She is a month early! What an unusual surprise during an unusual winter for us. To all of you wherever you are, Happy Spring!

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These are photos taken Dec 21. 2010. We are measuring shadows. To do this, we had to go up to the runway, three miles from our village, because the sun does not reach our village: We are on the south side of a hill. The time is approximately 2:00 pm. See how low the sun is in the sky? Our shadows are about 200 feet long.

Bird feeding time!

Students on Skype chat with San Igancio School in Lima, Peru discussing migratory birds that we share

Since we don't have groundhogs or woodchucks up here, we thought we'd just go see if we could find our shadows ourselves today! We were also curious to see how long our shadows would be compared to Dec 21, 2010. As things turn out in Alaska, there was a thick fog that fell in right when we got up to our runway, 3-miles from our village. It was still beautiful, though. The sun looks ENORMOUS next to the children. Guess what? They couldn't see their shadows! But we had fun observing the beautiful frost on the trees and ice fog hanging above the hills. So officially, the children didn't see their shadows on Groundhogs Day!

Meet the students from Innoko River School.

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Teacher's First NameJoyanne
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SchoolInnoko River School

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