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EventRobin op
Date of Sighting01/01/14

Dominique Cloutier reports: "So far we've had an absolutely horrible winter :( The snow and the cold started late October and is still going on right now (2/15) We had temperatures like I have never seen before, -33C for a few days, which is -30F, nothing can survive very long in this cold. You could see birds' breath when they would open their beak and they all puffed up their feathers so terrible. All winter, though, we have blue jays, chickadees and crows, it must have been so hard on them. Of course I kept my feeders full, as you can imagine ! No signs of Robins and, if the cold doesn't subside soon, we wont see them before the end of April :( I would think, not before Easter, that is April 20th. Hope I'm totally wrong about our robin's migration !!

When do YOU think I'll see my first robin?
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No robins but a bunch of wild turkeys!

LocationSt Sauveur Des Monts
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Observer's First NameDominique
Observer's Last NameCloutier
Teacher's First NameDominique
Teacher's Last NameCloutier
CitySt Sauveur Des Monts

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