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Ethics in America

About the Producers and Advisors


Ethics in America is produced by Columbia University Seminars on Media and Society. The television course print materials were designed and developed by public television's station, WNET. The two accompanying texts are published but Prentice Hall.

The Moderators:

Lewis B. Kaden
Davis Polk & Wardwell

Arthur R. Miller
Bruce Bromley Professor of Law
Harvard Law School

Charles R. Nesson
Harvard Law School

Charles Ogletree, Jr.
Jessamy Fort & Ogletree

The Educational Advisory Panel:
Tom L. Beauchamp, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scholar
Joseph and Rose Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Georgetown University

Sue Commanday, Ph.D
Coordinator of Special Programs
Rockland Community College

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Business Administration
Harvard University

Louis Hodges, Ph.d
Director, Society and the Professions
Washington and Lee University

Phyllis Walden, Ph.D
Philosophy Instructor and Director, Credit for Prior Learning Program
Sangamon State University

Margaret Wherry, Ph.D
Assistant Director of Academic Outreach
Kansas State University


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