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Materials Description for Destinos

Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses you in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.

Destinos has a total of 52 half-hour video programs, which can be purchased in three different versions to meet the needs of different audiences. The content for the videos is the same for every version. The videos are supported by print materials and audiocassettes. Destinos videos and print/audio materials are divided into two parts, and for all versions you may buy just the first or second part.

If you are with an educational institution, library, or other organization we recommend version A. This version is especially convenient for media centers, classrooms or libraries because there are only two half-hour programs on each videocassette, for a total of 26 videocassettes. Also, you have the right to duplicate one additional set of the Destinos videos.

If you are a student or home learner, we recommend version B or C. With Version B you receive all 52 half-hour programs on 14 videocassettes, because there are four programs on each videocassette. With Version C you also receive all 52 half-hour programs on 14 videocassette, plus the textbook, workbook/study guide, and audiocassettes. Versions B and C do not include the right to duplicate an additional set of the videos.

Video Price Comparison






Video with duplication

Video without duplication

Video/Print without duplication

Part I

$398 (a)

$199 (b)

$349 (c)

Part II

$398 (d)

$199 (e)

$299 (f)

Entire Series

$699 (g)

$398 (h)

$648 (i)

a. Beginning-level lessons 1-26 on 13 videocassettes.

b. Beginning-level lessons 1-26 on 7 videocassettes.

c. Beginning-level lessons 1-26 on 7 videocassettes, workbook/study guide, audiocassettes, textbook (covers both Part I and Part II).

d. Intermediate-level lessons 27-52 on 13 videocassettes.

e. Intermediate-level lessons 27-52 on 7 videocassettes.

f. Intermediate-level lessons 27-52 on 7 videocassettes, workbook/study guide, audiocassettes.

g. 52 programs on 26 videocassettes.

h. 52 programs on 14 videocassettes.

i. 52 programs on 14 videocassettes, workbook/study guide, audiocassettes, textbook (covers both Part I and Part II).

Supporting Material

In addition to videos, you may purchase the following materials online:

  • Textbook. Covers all 52 programs and provides the essentials of grammar, vocabulary, and coordinated exercises to reinforce the information presented in the video series. The text has a substantial glossary and answers to exercises. ($92.95)
  • Faculty Guide. Written in Spanish for teachers, this guide provides an overview of the grammar, vocabulary, and story line of each program in the series. It also includes the goals of each program, suggestions on how to apply the series in a core curriculum, suggestions on activities, and lesson plans. ($48.95)
  • Student Viewer Handbook. Provides exercises for informal learners. (Part I $32.95, Part II $32.95)
  • Audiocassettes. Created to help students with comprehension skills, pronunciation, and diction. (Part I $49.95, Part II $49.95)
  • Workbook/Study Guide for Audiocassettes. Created to be used in conjunction with the audiocassettes. (Part I $35.95, Part II $35.95)
  • Music CD. Contains 13 original and traditional songs from both Destinos and Nuevos Destinos ($15.95)

Other Materials

You may order the following items by calling 1-800-LEARNER.

  • Professional Supplements. Focuses on basic vocabulary specific to law enforcement, medicine, tourism, business, and social services. The supplement consists of a workbook and two audiocassettes.
  • Video and Audio Scripts. Transcripts of the video series created to assist students who want to see the language in written form while watching or listening to the presentation.

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