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Kurt Loder  On MTV


Well, because popular culture is so broad it's really the larger culture in microcosm, like a smaller version of it. And so popular culture raises issues that are very important, actually, in the country I think. You get issues of the First Amendment rights and issues of drug use, issues of AIDS, and things like that all arise naturally out of pop culture. So it just seemed like a natural next step for MTV. And MTV's always been in a position where it can create pretty much what it wants to do. There are no rules, so they figured, "Why not?" That's why we're doing news.

I think television often has dismissed younger people. They figure, well, they're not really watching news, that's not our audience. I think politicians did that for quite a while, until MTV started covering the political scene recently and it had some sort of effect. And now I think they don't do that so much anymore, I think they have to take young people into account, which is a very good thing for them to do.


I think it had a small effect on the election. I think there's some statistic somewhere that it did. The idea that you get young people involved is sort of revolutionary. I mean, it was just a joke. George Bush was laughing even as we waved goodbye down the tubes. He just couldn't imagine why he should talk to MTV. He finally did, and Tabitha Soren talked to him and really lit into him. It was a great interview. I don't think he'd ever had anything like that happen to him before. And he lost. It was time for him to go. So, yeah, I think it had a major effect. I think in franchising younger people, it was just an idea that's never been trotted out before, but it makes perfectly good sense.


I don't find music being less important than, like, politics. What could be more boring, I mean, talking to a politician, I just can't imagine anything more boring. I'd rather boil in oil. But music raises a lot of issues. Music is something that matters to people a lot, and they put a lot of passion into it. And I think when you have an area like that, you're gonna find a lot of issues coming up. And there is the business of music, there's the art of music, and there are these ancillary sort of developments around music. It's a whole world. If you're really interested in something, you can find so much going on. You could never know about all the music that's made. There's so much of it. So to say it's like something we can just master and move on, you really can't. It's something you have to keep up with all the time.

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