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Helen Thomas  On News


News is new. It's something new that happens. And I think that big news is something that happens in a big way that affects more people. I can hardly stand to pick up the newspapers, with the violence and the horror of it all, and the commentary on our society as you see. Today, especially the crime on the streets, crime scandals at the top level, it's something you wonder, but it's very hard. It isn't what you want, but you know it's news.

I think it's what is happening, it isn't a question of "ought" or anything else. To "ought" is in a sense that you have a choice. 'Course, you don't have to buy a newspaper, you don't have to turn on the radio, television. But I think it behooves the American people to know what's going on, and that's what news is. And I think that a lot of times you do get turned off because it's tragic, sad. News is basically negative, most of the time, most of the papers are. They say why don't you accent the positive, well, the positive isn't there. But you can't ignore what's happening. It's what's happening to our society, to us.

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