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I walk around in my underwear. I think you could probably also get good ideas walking around the house in somebody else's underwear. But I personally haven't tried it yet.

Everywhere. I mean, that's an easy answer, but you read the papers, you watch television, and I mean you watch the commercials, too. If you're a humor columnist, you should try to be as aware of probably what everyone else is seeing all the time. That's what you make fun of. What people see and know. And I get a lot of ideas from readers who mail me newspaper articles and stuff like that. And the government is an unfailing source of entertainment. I'm not really sure why we have a federal government if not to keep humor columnists busy. However many trillions of dollars it costs, it's worth it is my feeling. I feel it's a subsidy pretty much for me personally.


Boy, it's a hard thing. I think that it's an indication of how bad the drug problem is in this country, that I won the Pulitzer Prize. I think I know what happened. Because in retrospect...because after I won it I went to New York for two years to be on the juries that pick the finalists that go to the committee to pick the winners. And it's in winter, and it's in New York City. And it's not really the best time to be in New York, it's February. And then you sit in a kind of stuffy room on hard chairs and go through an enormous amount of Pulitzer Prize nominees. And anybody can be nominated to win a Pulitzer Prize. Or anybody who pays the money is nominated. So there are thousands of entries. So by the end of this week there are two things in the world you really hate. One is New York City, and the other is Pulitzer Prize entries. All these gaseous, bilious stories flowing over. My editor, when he nominated me, maybe it was just luck and maybe it's just he's real smart, included first of all he sent in fewer than the maximum number of columns. He only sent seven. He could send 10. Everyone else sent 10 and more. The other is two of those columns, one of them was a vicious attack on New York City and the other was a vicious attack on the Pulitzer Prizes, which actually proposed that I should win one and then I would split the money with the judges. I think that's why I won it. Revenge. Angry people in a room in New York City.

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