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The World of Chemistry

Reviews and Awards


Video Rating Guide
Spring 1990

"Four Stars."

"Beyond an excellent presentation of information, there is an underlying theme of the excitement and creativity of chemistry and of the individuals involved in this science. Highly recommended."

Video Librarian
October 1989

"Entertaining and instructive, this series will certainly benefit high school students, but it is also highly recommended for public libraries."

"The producers show an awareness of and sensitivity to their nonscientific audience by focusing on practical and current applications of chemical principles."

"..the information, presentation, and production values of this series makes it an excellent addition to college video collections, advanced high school chemistry classes, and even general audiences who have an interest in science"

Journal of Chemical Education
February 1990

"The World of Chemistry host Roald Hoffmann and his collaborators have admirably succeeded in their goals of delineating chemistry as a human activity motivated by curiosity and in demonstrating its relevance to modern life."

"I warmly recommend this series not only to college students and their instructors, but also to anyone curious about the basic principles of 'the central science,' and its role in our society."


American Film and Video Festival
1990 Finalist Award for "On the Surface"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1991 Honorable Mention Award for "Color"

Houston International Film Festival "Worldfest Houston"
1991 Silver Award for "Color"

National Educational Film and Video Festival
1990 Gold Apple Award for "The Periodic Table"


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