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Seasons of Life

Reviews and Awards


Video Rating Guide
Summer 1990

"Four Stars."

"...'Seasons of Life' offers excellent insights into the various ways people adapt to changing circumstances in their personal and professional lives."

"The overall technical quality of the series is outstanding."

Video Librarian
August 1990

"Three-and-a-half Stars."

"...useful for in-service programs at nursing homes and hospitals, where staff members need to understand the aging process..."

" excellent tool for teaching ways that people can deal with the inevitable physical and psychological changes that must be faced by everyone."


American Film and Video Festival
1990 Finalist Award for "Late Adulthood"

American Psychological Association National Media Awards
1991 Award for "Of Seasons and Survivors"

American Psychological Association National Media Awards
1991 Honorable Mention Award for "Middle Adulthood"

Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation Armstrong Awards
1991 Honorable Mention for "Of Seasons and Survivors"


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