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Planet Earth

Reviews and Awards


January 1986

"Planet Earth presents the most up-to-date overview of the spectacular information collected during the International Geophysical Year some 30 years ago."

"...the dynamics of oceans and atmosphere, the balance of nature and the impact of man, and predictions of the fate of the planet are graphically explored in this series."

Electronic Media, Chicago, IL
January 1989

"Planet Earth takes viewers to all seven continents to chronicle discoveries about land formations, oceans, climate and other natural developments. It includes seldom seen film of outer space as part of its examination of developments in the solar system."

Los Angeles Times
January 1986

"Planet Earth presents science as a method for understanding the world, and shows how hypothesis are developed, tested and confirmed. It shows how scientists build on the work of their colleagues, and how experimental results beget new experiments. It shows that science is in constant change, just as the Earth is."

The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ
January 1986

"Planet Earth is a science series that doesn't condescend to the audience, doesn't try to impress us with all the smart things it knows and we don't. It lays it all out as simply and clearly as possible, with understandable narrative, with brilliant photography, with intriguing animations."

"The programs are so eye-boggling that you easily get hooked and don't want to let go. Planet Earth also is fascinating, lively, terrific should have marvelous appeal for everyone. This is super stuff, what good television is all about. See for yourself."


Academy of Television Arts and Sciences "Emmy"
1985-1986 Award for Outstanding Informational Series

Council on International Nontheatrical Events "Cine"
1986 Golden Eagle Award for "The Living Machine"

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