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Literary Visions

Reviews and Awards


Library Journal
November 1992

"A clear, yet quick-paced narration is supplemented with commentary...and live-action video portrayals to explore facets of various types of literature."

Video Librarian
May 1992

"As an introductory taste of poetry, the selections offer a fair sampling and the conclusion is excellent."

"Introductory literature courses at the high school and first year college level would benefit from this series, as would perhaps larger library systems. Recommended."

Video Rating Guide for Libraries
Winter 1993

"Geared towards high school and college audiences, these programs are highly recommended."

"...the videos serve well in many courses designed primarily to introduce students to the elements of literature."

"The programs are well written and well photographed, and host Fran Dorn communicates a genuine love of literature to the audience."


Chicago International Film Festival INTERCOM
1992 Silver Plaque Award for "The Story's Blueprint: Plot and Structure in Short Fiction"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1992 Bronze Plaque Award for "The Story's Blueprint: Plot and Structure in Short Fiction"

Council on International Nontheatrical Events "Cine"
1993 Golden Eagle Award

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