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Art of the Western World

Reviews and Awards


May 1994

"...over 600 definitive stills plus 10 video sequences. Art and the videodisc format seem to be made for one another."

Video Rating Guide for Libraries
Winter 1990

"Four Stars."

"Libraries with a need for videos in this area would do well to consider the series for purchase."

"Patrons will find it valuable for art history, history and travel information."

Video Librarian
December 1989

"Three-and-a-half Stars."

"Art of the Western World...where the idea of the artist becomes synonymous with genius."

"An excellent, visually appealing introduction to western art. Highly recommended for both high school and public libraries."

School Library Journal
March 1990

"The on-site filming is technically excellent,...and for architecture and free-standing sculpture the television motion is crucial for our appreciation."

"When the words supplement pictures, as in describing the development of Romanesque vaulting or the versatility of the Roman arch in building elevated roads...knowledge is absorbed easily."

" a supplement to any study of Western civilization from 600 B.C. to the 1980s, these tapes have valuable visual content."

St. Paul Pioneer Press
December 1989

"A commendably ambitious, elegantly filmed and written sweep through the more noble endeavors of Western civilization."

New York Daily News
July 1989

"It's stunning....the nine-part series is a first rate communicator."

TV Guide
October 1989

"Art of the Western World. Expect fascinating tidbits, like the fact that there weren't any obstructed-view seats in the Roman Coliseum."

College and Research Libraries News
September 1989

"Art of the Western World approaches its topic from the point of view that art must be studied against the backdrop of its social and historical contexts and that the works of art must be seen in their actual physical settings."

"...programs which clarify major themes and milestones in the history of art. Rather than overwhelm the viewer with a barrage of names, dates, and styles, Art of the Western World programs focus on several representative works that can serve as paradigms for the most salient concepts of the period in question."

"As part of its educational function, libraries can help to create an awareness of the importance of the tradition of western art and its impact on today's world by tying into this television series."


American Video Conference Awards
1990 Finalist Award for "Realms of Light: The Baroque"

Birmingham International Educational Film Festival
1990 Finalist Award for "A White Garment of Churches: Romanesque and Gothic"

Chicago International Film Festival
1990 Silver Plaque Award for "A White Garment of Churches: Romanesque and Gothic"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1990 Honorable Mention Award for "Realms of Light: The Baroque"

International Film and TV Festival of New York
1990 Finalist Award for "Into the Twentieth Century"

International Association of Audio Visual Communicators
1990 Special Achievement "Cindy" in Writing for "A White Garment of Churches: Romanesque and Gothic"


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