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Learner.org Web Use Policy

For further information on any of the items below, please consult our Legal Policy.

Linking to pages on Learner.org
Any educational, non-commercial organization is welcome to link to resources on Learner.org from its Web site. We DO NOT allow our pages to be contained within a frame implying that learner.org resources are part of another Web site. Users also may not download pages from learner.org to post on other Web sites.

Use of materials from Learner.org in other sites
All materials on the learner.org Web site were funded and developed to be used as part of the subsites for which they were created. Therefore, they cannot be used in another site without the permission of Annenberg Learner. In many cases, Annenberg Learner does hold original rights to the material on Learner.org and therefore and cannot grant permission to others to use it. In these cases, the inquirer must consult the original copyright holder of the material for use permission. Information on the original copyright holder is displayed near the item it relates to.

Using Web materials for teaching
Any streamed video from Learner.org may be used in a K-12 classroom or professional development setting at no charge to the school. Use of video from Annenberg Learner in an educational setting where tuition is charged, be it a credit or non-credit class, a distance education, or face to face class, may require a license. Educators can consult our Distance Learning FAQ and can contact [email protected] for further information.

Print materials, including guides, worksheets, and articles can be printed from the learner.org Web site and used for teaching. They may not be distributed beyond a single school site.

Using streamed video
Please see "using web materials for teaching" for classroom uses. In other non-commercial settings, where participants are not charged an admission fee, Annenberg Learner videos may be shown. Examples of permitted settings are library programs and enrichment programs at senior centers.

Downloading video programs
Video programs may not be downloaded from Learner.org. Organizations that wish to purchase a digital copy of a series can do so from the shopping cart found under the Video Series/Purchase tab.


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