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News: September 2008

Professional Development Broadcast Schedule

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Subject Areas: ArtsEducation Theory and IssuesForeign LanguageHistory and Social StudiesLiterature and Language ArtsMathematicsScience

Arts [back to subjects]

Connecting With the Arts
for middle school teachers

September 10 - September 17

Teachers discover how to integrate the arts — dance and music — with core academic subjects in this workshop.

Education Theory and Issues [back to subjects]

The Learning Classroom
for K-12 teachers

September 4 - September 10

Explore learning theories and how these ideas apply to classroom practice in this course.

Looking at Learning...Again, Part 2
for K-12 teachers and administrators

September 6 - September 13

This workshop encourages educators to analyze existing theories about how children learn.

Foreign Language [back to subjects]

Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop
for K-12 teachers

September 14 - September 17

Teachers can use this workshop to deepen their understanding of the standards and improve their practice.

History and Social Studies [back to subjects]

America's History in the Making
for middle and high school teachers

September 17 - September 24

Explore American history from the Pre-Columbian era through Reconstruction in this course.

Bridging World History
for high school and college teachers

September 18 - September 30

This course illustrates interrelationships in history across time and place.

Teaching Geography
for 7-12 grade teachers

September 4 - September 11

This workshop provides a strong foundation in geography content and inquiry teaching skills.

Literature and Language Arts [back to subjects]

Artifacts & Fiction: Workshop in American Literature
for high school teachers

September 3 - September 10

A workshop for American literature teachers on how to use artifacts in the study and interpretation of literature.

Conversations in Literature
for 6-12 teachers

September 9 - September 16

Learn about "envisionment building" as a tool for literary interpretation with a community of expert readers.

The Expanding Canon
for high school teachers

September 5 - September 12

This workshop for explores the richness of multicultural literature through four pedagogical approaches.

Teaching Multicultural Literature
for middle school teachers

September 1 - September 8

This workshop introduces teachers to diverse American writers and presents dynamic instructional strategies.

Mathematics [back to subjects]

Mathematics Illuminated
for high school teachers and college level instruction

September 17 - September 23

This course explores mathematical concepts as tools for understanding real-world phenomena.

Science [back to subjects]

The Habitable Planet
for high schoolteachers and college level instruction

September 24 - September 30

Learn about Earth's natural systems and environmental science with this course.

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