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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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News: January 2015
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In the Pipeline

  • The Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum
  • Reading and Writing in the Disciplines

New Releases

New on DVD

Neuroscience & the Classroom

Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

Against All Odds

Economics U$A

Neuroscience & the Classroom

Invitation to World Literature

Workshops and Courses

Power of Music The Power of Music P-5: Inspired by El Sistema
For K-5 teachers

Against All Odds
For high school teachers and college level instruction

Neuroscience & the Classroom
For grades K-12 teachers and school counselors

Invitation to World Literature
For teachers, students, and lovers of literature

Physics for the 21st Century
For high school physics teachers, undergraduate students, and science enthusiasts


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