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News: September 2008

Channel Highlights

The Learning Classroom Count on It
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics has become a classic in the field, using real examples to teach basic statistics, and showing data collection and analysis as valuable tools in solving puzzles in everyday life. The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice, another valuable addition to your resource library, is a primer on learning as it applies to students in grades K-12. Hosted by Stanford University professor Linda Darling-Hammond, the series illustrates, through classroom footage, learning theories from Dewey and Gardner to Vygotsky. Teaching High School Science demonstrates a range of teaching techniques to introduce and develop inquiry-based learning in the science classroom.

Seasons of Life Lifelong Learning
The Whole Child: A Caregiver's Guide to the First Five Years is a video guidebook for parents and childcare providers. The series presents practical information on child development during the early developmental years, exploring children's intellectual, emotional, social and psychological growth. Seasons of Life is an introduction to lifespan psychology, from conception through old age, and Death: A Personal Understanding offers an understanding of death and dying by exploring a range of cultural perspectives.

Discovering Psychology One More Time
In the last several weeks of the Annenberg Channel, you'll have a final opportunity to complete your video library with recent productions and most-requested series. You can record a full 52-program set of Destinos and French in Action, or fill in any missing episodes. Ensure you have a set of two new series: the environmental science primer Habitable Planet, as well as Mathematics Illuminated, on the theories, history and beauty of mathematics. Also look for final feeds of Connect with English, America's History in the Making, Bridging World History, Biography of America, Discovering Psychology, Ethics in America II, and Art of the Western World.

Annenberg Channel See You on the Web
September 30 marks the end of more than a decade of daily, 24-hour satellite feeds of the Annenberg Channel. We've been proud to work with you to make premiere educational programs available to virtually all American public schools and millions of households. We hope the programming you have recorded from the satellite feed continues to be useful to your agency and those you serve for many years. Remember that these programs-along with accompanying text and support materials-will continue to be available to view online, at your convenience, using Video on Demand at www.learner.org. We'll see you on the Web!

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